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Lady Boss 


Providing the Services and Products You Need

Lady Boss Consulting is here to assist with your investment, travel, health, and beauty needs!

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Our Mission

  • To Help People Reinvest in Themselves, One Way or Another!
  • Helping people start their own business with our Company!
  • To Teach People Financial Literacy. How To Use their Money Productively for Themselves and Their Families To Become Living Legacies
  • To Assist Individuals, Families, and Businesses With Saving on Their Bills

Our team at Lady Boss Consulting offers health and wellness products to help protect you from any viruses and bacteria, improve your day, relieve stress, allergies, sinus congestion, and lack of sleep, assist in weight loss and mental alertness/clarity, and help you breathe better behind the mask. Our products are good for essential workers!

We offer free and discounted travel memberships that include:

  • Hotels/Resorts/Luxury Homes/Airbnb
  • Flights
  • Rental Cars
  • Cruises
  • And much more

We also offer Foreign Exchange training to help build GENERATIONAL WEALTH. 

We help you learn how to be a Professional Trader!

Sign up for classes today!

Text us at 336-543-0221 Or go to the "Contact" page to schedule a Consultation!

Our Team

Satonia Shaw

Owner/CEO/Licensed Beauty Culturist/Modeling Mentor/Sociologist/Consultant

On Clubhouse



Professional Model/Fashionista/Junior Miss Black Greensboro 2014/Social Media Influencer/Consultant


Professional Model/ Fashion Designer/Social Media Influencer/Model/Mentor/Consultant


Professional Model/Mentor/Social Media Influencer/Consultant


Professional Child Model/Elementary and Middle School Mentor/Consultant Assistant

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